Hi, I'm Lisa! Welcome to Lisa Loves Logan, a blog about my budding love affair with the place I've called home for most of the past ten years -- Logan and greater Cache Valley, Utah.

I wasn't raised here. I relocated here from Salt Lake City to go to college at Utah State University (USU) in 2002. I didn't really think I'd stay here long term. I didn't really want to. In fact, I have moved away twice -- once to Payson, UT (near Provo), and once to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But both times I have returned, against all odds, pulled like steel filings to a magnet. Weird, I know.

So it's time to embrace Logan! It's time to get to know my community inside and out. It's time to share the things I already love about Logan and Cache Valley, and find more things to love. This is my blog about the events, restaurants, communities, recreation, parks, homes, and everything else that's awesome in Logan and Cache Valley. I share daily reviews, random observations, community information, upcoming event details, and whatever else I feel like sharing.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and find it useful, whether you are a valley resident, traveler or visitor, or thinking of relocating. Please don't hesitate to make me aware of events or topics you would like to see on this blog.

You might notice I don't post negative reviews on this blog. It's not that I've never had a bad experience, but I'm a champion of local business and I'm here to support, not tear down. Honestly, if I had a bad experience somewhere, I just wouldn't write about it here.

Thanks for visiting!

More About Me

I'm a former professional writer and current stay-at-home mom of three. Born in Logan in 1978 and raised in Centerville, UT, I moved back to Logan as a college student in 2002. I currently live in North Logan after a stint in Philadelphia. My husband Tyson is a manager for Schreiber Foods, a large cheese manufacturer with plants in Logan and Smithfield. On our first date we went rock climbing in Logan Canyon. Tyson's family owns the local business The Old Grist Mill Bread Company, a bakery and sandwich shop with two locations in Logan. Our children Sawyer (born 2007), Beck (born 2009), and Adelaide (born 2011) keep life fun and messy. They also keep us from rock climbing much, but there are lots of great things to do with kids in Logan. You'll see them often in my posts.

I like to shop secondhand, wear gold shoes, rearrange my brightly-colored furniture, eat $1 tacos, laugh loudly, feel the sun on my skin, cheer for the Aggies, meet new people, and, yes, I like to get out of Cache Valley once in a while to see the ocean or the big city. But I always love coming home.
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