Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lisa Loved Logan

Has anyone been wondering what happened to me? Something big. Something that upended my plans for this blog and my life.

I moved to Salt Lake City. I've been here for five days.

The move was unexpected and happened quickly. Early in July my husband (who was gainfully employed in Logan and accepting a new position with his company in Smithfield) was contacted about a job opportunity in SLC. He was semi-interested, but I didn't really think anything would come of it. Hence, I just chugged along posting daily on Lisa Loves Logan, house hunting in Cache Valley, and living my regular life. At the end of July things started moving quickly and Tyson was offered the job. Before I could catch my breath we decided to take the leap and change our lives all over again. In case you don't remember, we just moved (back) to Logan from Pennsylvania only a year ago. In fact, this is our 13th move together as a married couple. Lucky number 13?

Tyson started his new job this week. We put our home in North Logan on the market last week, thinking it might take a couple of months to sell. Instead we got two offers within the first few days, and we are now under contract. If all goes well, someone else will own my sweet little Cache Valley home as of September 20.

We are hanging at my parents' house downtown while we wait for our temporary rental to finish being remodeled. We are house hunting again. A whole new house hunt in a whole new area. So, move number 14 is likely to follow shortly. Hopefully it will be a few years before number 15!

I still have a post coming about Sweetly Divine, as well as one about Tandoori Oven. I hope I can still post here from time to time when I visit Cache Valley, but Lisa Loves Logan will never be the comprehensive resource I once hoped it would be. Life goes on! Thank you for reading, friends.

Cache Valley sky and mountains I won't be seeing out my boys' window anymore


  1. Just found your blog and now you have to go... But good luck with your move and hunt for a sweet new home. You have a gift for chatting so keep up the blogging :)

  2. why did this post make me sad? i think anyone that has ever lived in cache valley will always have a place for it in their heart! but we are excited to be closer to you! :)

  3. I will miss your Cache Valley posts. You are always welcome to come back and visit anytime. .. and post about your adventures! I was excited that your condo got such interest right off the bat! Hooray for that! (You must have an awesome REALTOR :D )

    You will have to make a SLC blog and tell us about all the great places to eat and visit while in SLC. It will be a great resource. Best of luck!


  4. I just came across your blog and got all and I have so much in common! I too attended USU years ago, never thought I'd move back, but did (with my husband, also a former Aggie) where we've now lived for the past 4 years with our two young boys. I've been doing similar reviews of local happenings/hot spots here in the valley on my, and was happy to find another writer of the same mind. Happy to hear of your new move though! I grew up in SLC and LOVE it there. Really, really love sooooo many things about SLC. Random ? for you....would you mind sharing where you found your temporary housing in SLC? If we ever do move back I've been wondering what we'd do while we house hunted and would love to get a good referral. Thanks, and again, great job with this site!


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