Saturday, June 23, 2012

Calendars Of Events and Things To Do in Logan & Cache Valley

You'll notice I have a tab above that says "Event Calendar". I hope to add a calendar of my own in the future, but in the meantime I have added links to other calendars that list Cache Valley and Logan events. None of these calendars are comprehensive, but they are helpful. In addition to these links, the print edition of the Herald Journal, particularly the Cache Magazine that comes in Friday's paper, lists many local events.

The local event on my family's docket tonight is the Star Spangled Rodeo in Hyrum, Utah. The event is sponsored by the Hyrum Saddle Club and uses Hyrum City's rodeo grounds, which were refurbished in the past year. Hope we have fun, and that a bull doesn't kick manure in my slushy (that happened to me one year, true story!).

Here are the links that now appear on the calendar page:

Kids All Around Cache Valley Calendar  - Calendar and blog of kid-friendly things to do in Cache Valley

NothingToDoInLogan?com Activity Calendar - Activity calendar for Cache Valley

Cache Valley Daily Community Calendar - User-submitted Cache Valley events

Cache Valley Visitors Bureau Calendar of Events

Logan Library Community Events Calendar

Utah State University has three calendars on their website, none of which is comprehensive:

USU Arts & Entertainment Calendar

USU Student Calendar (ASUSU)

USU Events Calendar (This one will bring up a past date. Click the "Events Calendar" link to bring it to present date.)

I'll admit that after seeing how many calendars are available and how each one is not comprehensive, I'm questioning my ability to create a helpful calendar that adds anything of value. I will put that idea on the back burner while I work on other content and daily posts on Lisa Loves Logan.

Be back on Monday with that post about how to have a great day trip to Logan Cache Valley with young kids. Also coming next week are reviews of our recent visit to Herm's Inn and La Tormenta. See you then!


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