Thursday, June 14, 2012

Welcome to Lisa Loves Logan!

First things first, let's get something straight. The Logan I'm talking about is Logan, Utah, the community where I live, and its surrounding communities (I'm lumping all of Cache Valley together in the blog name because I love me some short, sweet alliteration!). The Logan I am NOT talking about is my brother-in-law, who is also named Logan. I mean, I love him, of course. LIKE A BROTHER-IN-LAW. Not really in a way that I would dedicate a blog to him. Maybe a blog post, but not a whole blog. Okay, this is getting awkward. Moving on...

I officially welcome you to Lisa Loves Logan, a blog about my budding love affair with the place I've called home for most of the past ten years. I wasn't raised here. I relocated here from Salt Lake City to go to college at Utah State University (USU) in 2002. I didn't really think I'd stay here long term. I didn't really want to. In fact, I have moved away twice -- once to Payson, UT (near Provo), and once to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But both times I have returned, against all odds, pulled like steel filings to a magnet. Weird, I know.

So it's time to embrace it. It's time to get to know my community inside and out. It's time to share the things I already love about Logan and Cache Valley, and find more things to love. This is my blog about what I see, eat, listen to, smell, observe, climb on, drive over, swim in, admire, and love in and about Logan!

I will share reviews, random observations, community information, upcoming event details, and whatever else I feel like sharing. I'm going to try to post every day (each weekday, I mean, and maybe occasional weekends). Since I don't go and do things often enough to have a review each day, a lot of times I will probably post a cool real estate listing or something, because I am house-hunting right now and also getting interested in a real estate career, so that is one of my big Cache Valley interests at the moment.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and find it useful. Please don't hesitate to make me aware of events or topics you would like me to cover.



  1. Here I type, sheepishly corrected. I had not had a chance to read your inaugural post but I have now. I will no longer chuckle every time I read the name of this new blog. Very much. :-)

  2. Chuckle all you want!'re laughing WITH me, right?


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