Thursday, June 21, 2012

Restaurants In Logan and Cache Valley, Utah - The BIG List!

I've added a list of Logan and Cache Valley restaurants to the page link in the top menu (conveniently named "Logan & Cache Valley Restaurants"). I'll be refining it and adding more information, but it is still a great resource for now.

Also, I updated a number of items on my Black Pearl review, including the addition of photos, the menu, and a website link. Oh! And I found out the 50% Off Sushi Rolls deal (with a couple exclusions) is available during all business hours until the new management decides to stop running the promotion, not just at weekday lunch like I said before. Go get yourself a yummy Aloha Roll (spicy tuna, mango, jalapeno, wasabi & mango sauce) for just $4! Click on my review for more details.


P.S.: What is your favorite restaurant in Cache Valley? What is one restaurant you haven't tried yet, but would like to? If you don't know your answers off the top of your head, take a look at the restaurant list to spark some ideas!


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