Saturday, June 30, 2012

What's The Best Sandwich In Logan?

I got a shout-out this week from SLCFoodie, a great blog covering food in the Greater Salt Lake City area. She tweeted asking for people's favorite sandwiches in SLC. My response and others' were included as part of her write-up on a little sandwich place called Picnic. Check it out! I guess I'm not all that original, because someone else named my exact same fave sandwich and place. You'll have to click through to find out exactly what strange-sounding sandwich it is, though.

I just had to sneak a Logan recommendation in there too, and suggested the Ara's at Logan's Heroes. Don't you love the atmosphere, sandwiches, and especially the proprietor at Logan's Heroes? I think it's such a great example of a true local place.


P.S. What's your favorite sandwich in Logan or Cache Valley? What's something you seek out to eat in Salt Lake because we don't have it up here? I crave the lemon rice from Greek Souvlaki, or all the Greek dips at Aristo's.

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  1. I know it's a chain, but we've loved sandwiches from great harvest bread. Fun place for lunch. Dave's a big sandwich guy. Need to take him to logan's heroes!

    1. I like Great Harvest too. It has a nice, laid-back vibe and everything is displayed so appetizingly. Yes it's a chain, but the owner of the Logan franchise lives in Paradise and he was the bishop in Tyson's family's ward for the last several years. Really nice guy! That's kind of funny in itself, because Tyson's dad owns The Old Grist Mill, so two bakery families in that one ward in Paradise.

      Logan's Heroes is much more unpolished that Great Harvest. It's a quirky place with a lot of character. The sandwiches are more traditional deli style on hoagie buns like you would find in New York or Philly. The owner is, his country is slipping my mind right now...somewhere in the middle ease, I think? Anyway, he is a real character. Talkative and likes to get to know his customers. I like it!

  2. The owner of LH is from Iran, he has a fantastic memory and loves chatting with everyone who comes in (I love the roger's special). For local, non-chain restaurants I'd say to also check out Logan Burger & Sandwiches (chicken parmesan sub), the Italian Place (a Beaver or a 4 Seasons), Sweetly Divine (Turkey with jalepeno jelly), Crumb Brothers, The Factory, Firehouse, Jack's Wood Fired Pizza, Papa Kelsey's & Henry, and Juniper Take Out (Turkey steak sandwich). They all have different styles, try them all and find the one that you love!

    1. You are a wealth of information, as usual. Nice to have the input of a *true* local. There are a few on your list I haven't tried, or at least haven't tried in a long time. Sounds like I have some eating to do!


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