Monday, July 2, 2012

4th Of July Freedom Fire 2012, Plus My "Secret Spot" For Watching Fireworks at USU's Romney Stadium

Conditions are ripe for wildfires and many firework restrictions are in place this year to help Cache Valley having more fires. Enjoying a professional firework show is a great way to get your firework fix this Independence Day. The Freedom Fire show at USU's Romney Stadium in Logan is the biggest one in the valley, but there are also a couple great shows in the smaller communities. I'll have another post up later today about those, so check back this afternoon.

The Freedom Fire fireworks show at USU's Romney Stadium is on Tuesday July 3, 2012 at 7:00pm. This year the guest artist is classic rock band Kansas, known for their biggest hits "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind". Additionally, program of patriotic favorites will be presented by the American Festival Chorus, a local 250-voice choir trained and conducted by Craig Jessop, the former director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Maybe I'm biased because I previously had the joy and privilege of being a member of this choir, but I do have to say Cache Valley is lucky to have a choir and director of this caliber. Hearing our national anthem sung by 250 trained voices is a stirring experience. Five-hundred local youth will also perform in the show. Fireworks usually start around 9:30.

To attend the concert and have the best view of the fireworks, purchase tickets to enjoy the show from inside the stadium. Tickets cost $10 to $25, with a 15% discount for orders of 6 or more tickets. Tickets can be purchased at the Caine College of the Arts Box Office in room 139-B of the Chase Fine Arts Center, over the phone at 435-797-8022, or online at the website of USU's Caine College of Arts. If not sold out, tickets will also be available at the door.

Lots of people just watch the fireworks from outside the stadium. Cache Valley Daily tweeted asking, "Where will you be watching Tuesday's USU fireworks from? Tweet us your best non-stadium locations. Direct message if it's a secret!" In answer to @CVDaily, I've often watched them from the parking strips west of the stadium provide a good, grassy spot for viewing. I've also watched them from one other "secret spot" that provided a great view. The fireworks were CLOSE and practically at eye-level. Here's a map.

Note: I make no guarantee that this spot is available this year, just that it was a great spot the last time I viewed from there. Conditions, access, and use of the area may have changed since I've been there and since this photo was taken. If you want to watch from here you may want to go check it out ahead of time.

Don't be jealous of my awesome skills with MS Paint, mmkay? The star on the left marks the west parking strips, a good viewing spot. The star on the right is my "secret spot", which can be reached from the northwest corner of the large Aggie Village parking lot. Let's zoom in...

Pictured is the old observatory, which is just up the hill from the northeast corner of the stadium. #1 marks a grassy area from which we watched the fireworks. #2 marks a rooftop where others were watching. #3 marks an even better spot that appears to be closed off by a fence in this photo. I don't know if that area can be accessed, now that this observatory has closed, but if it could it would provide a great view!

Everyone have a safe and happy 4th of July! Please remember to obey all firework restrictions!



P.S. - What about you? Where do you like to watch fireworks on the 4th (or the 3rd)? Or do you like to watch them at all? My husband's not really a fan. I know! What the! I love fireworks and can't wait for this year's show!

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