Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reader Suggestions From Around The Valley

Whew! Keeping up with daily posting on this blog and A Farewell To Can't (, plus the rest of my life, has me feeling like I'm falling behind. You should see the state of my house! Today's post will be brief. That way I can spend some time cleaning my house, and some time taking my kids to do fun things like this:

Playing on the playground at Willow Park, Logan, Utah

Not only will today's post will be brief, but and I'm letting someone else write it for me: YOU!

Here are some recent reader suggestions of fun things to do, see, and eat in Logan and Cache Valley.

Green Canyon

"Green Canyon might be a fun one to do a post about with all the things there are to do up there. My husband especially loves the single track for mountain biking and we are planning on back packing higher up the trail (we've heard it's good to backpack further up past the very top where you can't drive anymore?? I don't know much about it yet) and doing more camping. We like it for a great (and FREE!) camping spot."

Belly Dancing

"I really love the belly dancing shows on the last Saturdays of the month at Indian Oven. The dancers are from the Shimmering Sands school at the Whittier Center (formerly the USU Middle Eastern Dance Club). Speaking of them, you can take belly dance lessons from Shimmering Sands, I have and it is good exercise and a lot of fun. You should contact the Whittier for a list of their tenants and the classes they offer to the public, they are a great resource."

Logan's Heroes and Other Great Local Sandwiches

"The owner of [Logan's Heroes] is from Iran, he has a fantastic memory and loves chatting with everyone who comes in (I love the roger's special). For local, non-chain restaurants I'd say to also check out Logan Burger & Sandwiches (chicken parmesan sub), the Italian Place (a Beaver or a 4 Seasons), Sweetly Divine (Turkey with jalepeno jelly), Crumb Brothers, The Factory, Firehouse, Jack's Wood Fired Pizza, Papa Kelsey's & Henry, and Juniper Take Out (Turkey steak sandwich). They all have different styles, try them all and find the one that you love!"

Other Food Trucks Besides Street Eats

"This isn't actually the first. There are a couple taco trucks in town, 2 BBQ trucks, the Pauni's food truck, and the Gossner's Grilled Cheese truck that actually goes all over the state. They don't all always have a set spot but I know Rollin' West BBQ likes to park in front of Aaron's on main or Sears up on 100 E. Tacos El Ray is all over town. Most of these places have facebook pages where you can track where they are going to be...

...The taco trucks and bbq truck tend to have 3 or 4 locations they stick with but do move around a bit. One of the BBQ trucks did apparently go out of business. As far as I know the school bus taco truck North of Hamilton's isn't really a mobile operation and is there all the time. We used to have a hot dog stand on Main street that moved around a bit, but they seem to have disappeared. I kind of wish we had more and I'd love to seem them be allowed to set up on campus where I'm sure they'd do great. My friends in D.C. and L.A. wax poetical about their food trucks."


Thank you for your contributions, I'd love to hear more. See you tomorrow!


  1. Clean shmean, go play, you deserve it ;)

  2. Oh don't forget half price sushi lunch at Takara on Thursdays!


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