Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pioneer Day Celebrations in Logan and Cache Valley - 24th of July, 2012

I'll be back tomorrow with the regularly scheduled Pick of the Week, but I wanted to pop in and mention the Pioneer Day (24th of July) celebrations happening on Tuesday this week.

Do Other States Have State Holidays?

For those who don't know, Pioneer Day (aka the 24th of July) is Utah's state holiday. The day commemorates the arrival in the Salt Lake Valley of the first party of Mormon Pioneers (LDS - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). I've always been curious about whether other states have state holidays, and it's been my impression that most don't. My curiosity led me to this list of state holidays. It seems that Utah is, indeed, one of a few states to have a true state holiday. Pioneer Day follows so closely on the heels of Independence Day that for Utahns July is a huge party and firework month, full of state and national pride!

Local Celebrations

Logan and North Logan both have Pioneer Day celebrations/parades/firework shows. Info here for Logan (warning, PDF may be slow to load), and here for North Logan. For those who want firework info without clicking, the Logan fireworks are at Willow Park and the North Logan fireworks are at Elk Ridge Park.

Have a safe and happy holiday week!


  1. We enjoyed Little Valley Days in Mantua this year. They usually have fun activities (weekend before the 24th) in celebration of the 24th. Next year is supposed to be huge being the 150th anniversary. Usual activities consist of: "anything floats contest" (a race with homemade boats, my husband LOVES this and really gets into making his boat early), food concessions, parade, and the firework show at night, over the reservoir.

  2. I'll be driving one of my dad's vintage cars in the NL parade tomorrow. I don't like driving in parades, but these small town celebrations are a lot of fun.

  3. Thanks for this! ( I just got recruited to help with our primary's float).


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