Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vietnamese Salad @ Da Nang Bistro - Logan, Utah

I grabbed some good eats on Saturday at the Cache Valley Gardeners' Market when I finally got to try the Vietnamese cuisine from Da Nang Bistro. My salad featured a savory and fresh mix of chicken, cabbage, cilantro, nuts, chili peppers, carrots, green apples, and a very light dressing(?), and was accompanied by delicately-flavored rice cakes. I also sampled the Da Chanh, Da Nang Bistro's riff on the ice cream sandwich. So good! I will definitely be back for a full-size next week. Da Nang Bistro will only be at the market for two more weeks (July 21 & 28), so get over to the market and grab some Vietnamese food before your chance is gone! Visit the Da Nang Bistro Facebook page for info and updates.

I've kind of been on a Vietnamese kick, because yesterday at lunch I took advantage of Street Eats' close proximity to my house (the food truck was in the CenturyLink parking lot), and ordered the Spicy Vietnamese Pork Wrap once again. I also tested the authenticity of the Philly Cheese Steak, the specialty of the city I just moved here from. Tune in tomorrow to see how this Utah cheese steak compared to the real deal in Philadelphia. See you then!


  1. By the time I got done at my morning job and had time to run to the market she was completely sold out of the salad, I was bummed. But I did get an ice cream sandwich with the chocolate cookies and the fresh mint ice cream...it was so good I wanted a second one.

    1. Do you want me to buy you something and hold it for you/bring it to you this Saturday? I'm totally willing! I know the pain of missing out...I'm still kicking myself over missing the pho!

  2. We are new to the Cache area and looking for Pho places. I am confused of what this place is. Maybe I am confused as to what the market is. I have seen that a few times. Either way, you sound like a gal that can help a gal out!


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