Tuesday, July 10, 2012

La Tormenta - North Logan, Utah - Restaurant Review

Note: La Tormenta does not have a menu available online or in hard copy form at the restaurant. I took photos of the wall menu. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the full menu, including prices.


Dollar tacos. Need I say more? Oh, I do? Well, okay. Authentic Mexican dollar tacos with savory meat fillings ensconced in a double layer of soft corn tortillas, sprinkled with fresh cilantro and minced onion, with fresh limes on the side for a squeeze of puckery juice. I have half a mind to end this review right here and go get some!

La Tormenta is one of those places my family returns to again and again. It is definitely one of our favorite Cache Valley restaurants. It's cheap, walkable from our house, has delicious sodas and ice cream treats, and then there are those tacos.

We're clearly not the only people who like La Tormenta. It used to be located in a smaller location in the Pinecrest Village shopping center (on 1400 North, east of Cafe Rio), but a few years ago it expanded into a larger building north of Walmart in North Logan. I don't know if I've ever seen it not busy during open hours.

La Tormenta
105 East 1600 North, North Logan, Utah 84341

Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-10pm
Price range: $1 - $11

Take-out Available: Yes
Delivery Available: No
FYI: Candy and snacks also available for purchase

Quick Review of La Tormenta - North Logan, Utah

La Tormenta is a Mexican restaurant that might be referred to as a dive or a hole-in-the-wall, but what it lacks in ambiance it more than makes up for in tasty food at a low price point. Don't worry, the name La Tormenta doesn't mean "the torment", but actually means "storm". With fluorescent lights, a crowded dining room, a brightly-colored double-height mural on one wall, and a cacophony of Spanish and English conversations, La Tormenta *is* a bit of a storm for the senses. But it's the sense of taste that matters, and La Tormenta delivers.
Pick up a Mexican Coke or a Sangria Senorial from the plentifully-stocked beverage case, then proceed to the counter to order. Your food will be brought to your table along with a caddy of condiments, and you'll pay at the counter when you're done. Authentic tacos are $1 each and are available with many choices of filling, all topped with a pile of cilantro and onions. My favorite are the carnitas (sweet shredded pork) and the chorizo (spicy pork sausage), while my husband goes for the asada (steak) and the lengua (beef tongue). Tortas, the carne asada plate, smothered burritos, and tamales are other good choices. A paleta (ice cream bar) from the freezer case - coconut and creamy strawberry are my favorites - completes the meal.

The meat choices for tacos and other dishes are as follows: asada (steak), adovada (spicy pork), al pastor (sweet & spicy pork), carnitas (sweet pork), buche (pork stomach), lengua (beef tongue), cabeza (beef head), tripas (beef stomach), pollo (chicken), and chorizo (spicy pork sausage).

The beverage case includes a wide variety of Mexican and American sodas and juices. Fountain drinks are also available, as well as horchata (my favorite).

A variety of ice cream treats are available in the freezer case.

The menu is on the wall, and is also printed on the ordering counter.

A whiteboard announces any daily specials.

A colorful mural covers the west wall of the dining room.

One of the best features of La Tormenta is the condiment caddy, which features grilled onions, pico de gallo or salsa verde, and pickled carrots and jalapenos.

Clockwise from top: four carnitas tacos, shrimp tostada, four lengua tacos, quesadilla. We also had chorizo tacos and a torta. $18 for three adults and two children.

A selection of seven hot sauces on our table. I like the Bufalo chipotle sauce, third from the left.

Shrimp tostada with a cocktail-type sauce and perfect, creamy avocados

Chorizo tacos, my favorite. La Tormenta also offers tacos dorados, crispy fried tacos that come with crumbled queso fresco.


Here are the photos of the La Tormenta menu. You can click on the pictures for slightly larger versions.


  1. Very thorough review, thanks for sharing!

  2. Can you guess where we'll be going next time we feel like walking to dinner? ( we've usually walked to wok on wheels ).

  3. Thanks for the awesome review...I had no idea this place existed here as we usually go to Costa Vida, Cafe Sabor, or Cafe Rio! Excited to go try these $1 tacos!


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