Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Splash Pad In Cache Valley - Alma Leonhardt Park, Providence, Utah

When I compiled my list of fun places to swim or get wet with kids in Cache Valley, I didn't know that the first splash pad in the Logan area had opened while I lived in Philadelphia. Three different people happened to mention it to me the next week, in different contexts. Talk about a message! I knew my little boys would love it, so I took them for a visit last week.

What: Splash Pad at Alma Leonhardt Park
Where: 310 West 250 North, Providence, Utah
Hours: Park open daily, dawn to dusk. Splash pad water feature available from 10am to 8pm.
Cost: FREE
FYI: Trees are small so you may want to bring your own shade (umbrella, beach tent, etc.), and of course towels!

Cache Valley's first splash pad opened at Alma Leonhardt Park in Providence, Utah in the summer of 2010. The pad is 1,200 square feet and has 63 jets, including a tall and powerful column spray in the center. The jets are activated by the push of a button at the side of the pad, and run on a cycle for a few minutes before the button needs to be pushed again.

The different jets and water features at a splash pad provide a lot of soaking wet fun for kids - much like running through the sprinklers, but with more variety and an element of surprise. For parents, it's a great spectator water activity that doesn't require them to get wet. Yay! (Some days you just don't want to put on your swimming suit, right? Or is that just me?)

Alma Leonhardt Park also has a fun playground that is partially wheelchair accessible, a large grassy area, restrooms, and a good-sized picnic pavilion. My boys enjoyed running back and forth from the splash pad to the playground, while I huddled in the rapidly decreasing shade of the restroom building. There are a few small trees that provide a minimal spots of shade around the perimeter of the splash pad, but in-the-know moms had come armed with pop-up beach umbrellas and tents.

In February 2012 the North Logan City Council heard a proposal from Public Works Director Alan Luce regarding addition of a splash pad to Mountain View Park. I haven't heard anything further about this possibility, but I hope it comes to fruition.


  1. You don't even KNOW how happy I am for this post!!! We heard about this park and went looking for it and drove around FOREVER not ever finding it. This post has now ended the drawn out saga of our search for the elusive splash pad! We'll definitely be checking this out ;).

    1. Glad I could help! I got semi-lost trying to find it too, and I even had the address! :)

      The easiest way is to turn east at the Providence Maverik, then take a left immediately after you pass the storage units. After a few twin homes it will be on your left. There's a back way, too, but I got lost trying to find it that way!

  2. Thank you, we just moved here from California with our 3 year old. He is gonna love this!


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