Friday, July 6, 2012

Da Nang Bistro Update - Cache Valley Gardeners' Market

"Our Da Chanh ice cream sandwich is inspired by the Vietnamese lemonade. Citrus, mint, sugar, and a touch of sea salt meets the coolness of a lemongrass ice cream with wild blueberries. Our most requested frozen offering!"

--Da Nang Bistro

Doesn't that description just get your mouth watering!? I mentioned in my last post about the farmers' market, Lovely Pupusas and Last Strawberries, that I was looking forward to eating Vietnamese food from Da Nang Bistro this week at the market. Well, count me as disappointed to hear that they are taking this weekend off! However, they will be back at the market on July 14, 21, and 28.

Hopefully I will get to try their ice cream sandwich and Vietnamese summer salad with lemongrass grilled pork on one of these later weeks in July. I'll be back here to tell about it when I do! Visit Da Nang Bistro's Facebook page for more information.

Don't forget to take a look at today's post about Places To Get Wet in Logan and Cache Valley. Whether you want to swim, dive, slide, or wade, there's something for you. And stay tuned for Monday's review of La Tormenta. My post will include the full restaurant menu, which has as yet been unavailable online (as far as I can find). Have a great weekend!


P.S.: Who can remind me of the name of the Vietnamese restaurant that used to be where Logan Burgers is located? I ate there once, in 2002, shortly after I moved here. How long was it open? Where were the proprietors, and where are they now?

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  1. I believe the restaurant was called Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant. I miss it! Teresa's food is amazing and I love when she's at the farmer's market, can't wait to stop by Saturday before work.


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