Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So Messy, Yet So Good: Philly Cheese Steak by Street Eats Food Truck

As I mentioned yesterday, I stopped by Street Eats for lunch on Monday when the Culinary Concepts food truck was parked at CenturyLink in North Logan. I ordered the Spicy Vietnamese Pork Wrap ($5), which is quickly becoming one of my food vices, two sides of Pepper Jack Mac and Cheese ($2 each - for my kids), and the Philly Cheese Steak special ($7 - ostensibly for my husband, but he works night shift and would be asleep for several more hours - so who was it really for?).

The picture I took of the cheese steak looks pretty disgusting - which means Street Eats is TOTALLY doing it right (and I say this as someone who spent the past couple of years living in Philadelphia and experiencing the real deal). Gently charred strips of tenderloin mixed with grilled onions and peppers overflowing from a soft Italian roll, all topped with ooey, gooey cheese. Oops, I mean Cheez. Personally, when I make a cheese steak at home I like to use melted provolone or mozzarella cheese, but if you want a traditional, true Philly style cheese steak you gotta use the whiz. The Cheez Whiz, that is. Hey, don't mess with tradition!

I stole several bites of my husband's sandwich before lamenting about how it would suffer under refrigeration and wrapping it up for him to eat later. My one suggestion for a better sandwich would be a few more peppers, but overall it was an excellent rendition.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I photographed this on the asphalt parking lot. What, you think I was going to wait till I got home to dig into it? I had to photograph it fast before it was gone!

The macaroni and cheese wasn't really a hit with my kids, perhaps because the pepper jack cheese gave it a slight spicy kick they didn't enjoy. I've never met a pasta that I didn't like, so it was fine by me (yes, I ate their dishes of macaroni and cheese for dinner that night). It's worth noting that the pepper jack used is of the processed-cheese variety (most pepper jack is of that variety), so if you don't like the taste of processed cheese it might not be for you. If, on the other hand, you're like me -- denied Kraft singles and any other processed cheese as a kid, and therefore developing a taste for it as a "special treat" -- you'll like it just fine. It's definitely comfort food.

Lucky for my waistline and my pocket book, Street Eats usually parks at the south end of town in the ThermoFisher parking lot on Hyclone Drive. You can follow their Facebook page for updates on their specials and locations.

I saw several people order the BBQ sandwich. Anyone tried it? What did you think?


  1. This is AWESOME! I'm a HUGE philly cheesteak fan and I had pepperjack mac once but have never been able to find it since. Definitely going searching for this truck.

    1. Check out Street Eats Utah on Facebook for the daily locations. The Pepper Jack Mac is always on the menu as a side, but the cheese steak was a special. And a special special it is! So good!


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